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For children, teens, and young adults

  • Understanding death and making sense of what has happened

  • Identifying, exploring, and expressing feelings

  • Exploring and developing supportive coping strategies

  • Identifying support systems

  • Maintaining connections to the deceased

  • Meaning-making and adjusting to a new reality

Grief is unique for every young person, and so too will our work together be. Using a variety of approaches, I work with each child, teen, or young adult to co-create a space that meets the needs of each individual. These may include elements of play therapy, creative outlets and activities, expressive arts, various therapeutic modalities, and traditional talk therapy. 

In a world where grief is still often seen as a taboo or uncomfortable subject, I have come to understand how important and helpful it is to have a safe place to explore grief and all that comes with it, especially for young people. Both my personal and professional experiences have taken me on my own journey, and I feel privileged to be able to work alongside others on theirs. I believe that my role is one of a companion; someone to help hold space for the grief, the big feelings, the worries, the joys, and everything in between. 

All sessions are catered towards each client's age and developmental stage, as well as their strengths, interests, and goals. 

Some of the things I can help with:

After the death of someone important, it can be helpful for young people to have a safe place to talk about their experience. Together, we create a space to explore some of the feelings, thoughts, and questions that can be experienced after a death.

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