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General Counselling

For anxiety, self-esteem, general loss, and life transitions


Life is a wild ride, full of ebbs and flows and sometimes, we need a little bit of help to navigate them. Counselling can help give young people a safe place to express themselves without judgement and an opportunity to develop supportive coping skills.

Some of the things I can help with:

  • Overwhelming and recurring anxiety or worry

  • Low mood or depression

  • Emotional regulation

  • Self-esteem concerns, including body image

  • Health and wellness

  • Life transitions such as starting and ending relationships, going to a new school/program, starting a new job, health concerns, moving houses

Using a variety of approaches, I work with each child, teen, or young adult to co-create a space that meets the needs of each individual. These may include elements of play therapy, creative outlets and activities, expressive arts, various therapeutic modalities, and traditional talk therapy.

What can you expect from your first session?

It can feel a little bit scary or overwhelming to attend your first counselling session. In our first meeting together, we will simply get to know each other. I will ask you a few questions about what brings you to therapy and you get to ask any questions you have too. During this first session, we will also talk about what you or your child hope to get out of therapy and potentially set some goals for our work together. 

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